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An Open Request to Producers!

15 Ağustos 2015 - 2.349 views kez okunmuş
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An Open Request to Producers!

First I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to write a short article. I am not Turkish but I have been watching Turkish dizi’s for a few years now. I frankly enjoy them very much.


But lately I as well as many other foreign viewers are having the same problem. When watching a scene sometime there is background music which is fine, but please turn down the volume. We cannot hear what the performers are saying. It is getting even worse when there are lyrics attached to the music.


When watching certain scenes in order to sometimes understand a certain phrase we google the phrase the best we can to get a better understand of what is being said. Certain scenes even though we do not understand every word it becomes obvious what is going on. But this background music must be turned down so we can understand the show. This is not something that you see anywhere else in the world. Please keep in mind we are not Turkish and cannot read lips.


We do understand that the music is there for adding drama, suspence or romance but when the actors start speaking turn it down. This is extremely disrespectful to the viewers but more so to the performers.


Thank you again for giving me the opportunit to say my piece. I love Turkish dizi’s and continue to take lessons on line and with the help of a dictionary though difficult will continue to watch my favorites.

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13 Temmuz 2015 - 08:59

Thank you for whoever wrote this article, I too think that the music is too loud sometimes and I didn’t know how to get it to the producers of the shows. I too am a BIG fan of Turkish series and I watch them exclusively, preferably in Turkish with Arabic translation. So if you care anything about our opinion, please lower that music which sometimes is not even going with the theme of the show. For example, a love scene requires very soft music that will inspire romance, instead we get very high noisy active music that makes you want to dance instead of make love.

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