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Analar ve Anneler “A Breath of Fresh Air”

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Analar ve Anneler “A Breath of Fresh Air”

We have the opinion of an industry expert writing a blog each week regarding Turkish Series. We have been given permission to translate these writings.
The writer wishes to remain anonymous.
We welcome your comments regarding the thoughts shared each week.
The following is an English translation of his blog written on 24 October regarding his expertise on the premiere of “Analar ve Anneler”

Little or no coincidence…..
The scenes were minimal, actually very much below Turkish series standard…..
The beginning and ending were obvious
The characters were not copy past
Curiosity abound
Much conflict
In general the performances were very good….
In short the series “Analar ve Anneler” very successful.

But are there no problems?
Of course there are many things to say and many burrs
But we don’t find ourselves saying “Oh come on now” as we do in other series that we can no longer watch, one of the top three series, ranking that high is not an easy feat.

What is it?

It is obvious it can be done…..

With good writing, directing, cast and crew, without anyone pulling an ego trip, there can be a good job done.

Bless the pen of Berkin Oya, and the crew and direction of Mehmet Ada Öztekin.

First the things I liked the most….

Analar and Anneler started and revolves around two characters walking a pararel fiction

The year, 1971

Location Kırkan Gürkaya Köyü, and Kader portrayed by Hazar Ergüçlü…

Location Istanbul, and Zeliha portrayed by Sinem Kobal….

Actually processing the series, and explaing the story is not an easy task.

Usually in the first episode you have two main characters, with their mutual story combinding them into one story, trying to explain what happened and what will happen, this would have been much easier.

But in Analar and Anneler in the first episode showed two totally different stories, and lifestyles.

We went back and forth between Istanbula snd Kırkan Gürkaya Köyü…

Of course the success of this point going back and forth from the village and Istanbul, then back from Istanbul to the village showed intense work done on paper with the mathematics of the story and proper planning. For Example; we see Salih Ağa watching Kader through his binoculars, where right after this scene we saw Tahsin looking through the binoculars at Zeliha. Another example was; while listening to the news on the radio in the village, then switching to immediately to a radio in Istanbul telling the same news.

This type of passovers could be tiring while it is tying the two stories together, but the spatial manner in which the switches were made, soothed the viewer rather than tiring them.

From the tenth minute the viewers knew what both Kader and Zeliha were going to have to live through. But the high level of curiousity was still there. This is because Kader and Zeliha who come from two totally different lives, how their lives would unite them, as well as what Kader and Zeliha would do after everything that has happened, how they would react was all curiousity to the viewers.

Now the characters…..

Okan Yalabık; watching him as one of the bad guys, but not someone that we are used to seeing, but while watching him saying that this was possible. Watching him portray a bad guy was fabulous. It was not blown out of porportion. A man who could murder his nephew without batting an eye, then afterwards getting into his car and listen to music and seeminly enjoying himself, showing the viewer the simplicity of a bad guy and his viewpoint. While at the station eating chickpeas, and the softness of speaking with his plants, then turning to the young officer and blasting him with very simple words. This was our introduction to the character of Ayhan. There was no action….. There were no proverbs….. Simple the chickpeas, the flowers and Ayhan. A man evil enough to murder his own nephew, a man with enough compassion and softness towards his flowers, and someone who can eat chickpeas and talk rudely and not care about his surroundings or what others may think of him……

Binnur Kaya; someone that we are used to seeing perform in absurd comedies, had us thinking back and forth. For example upon the death of her son, I did not feel her reaction was that of a real mother…..In most of her scenes she was more of a character who flew out of the scenes of a horror movie than a mother.

Hazal Ergüçlü; to date we have seen her perform in three series Kuzey Güney, Medcezir and now Analar ve Annerler. Who her manager is I do not know, and who gives her advice I do not know, but in all three projects she has chosen to play three totally difference characters. She pulled all three off very successfully….This is a very important investment in her career and her management. While watching her portray Kader in the series “Analar ve Anneler”; I did not see any sign of her previous characters. Fromt the first moment she was Kader and she remained Kader until the last moment of the episode. He shying eyes, the firmness of her body having her standing there between firm and her knees shaking, her shoulder fallings, the way she covered her mouth while laughing, the way she bowed her head every so often……Her excitement, her shyness, her pain were all number one. She was truly very good……

No matter how much I believed Hazal’s portrayal the same does not apply to Sinem, that was more difficult. Watching each scene was not like watching Zeliha but more like watching Sinem. She had the some problem in previous projects. I think that the biggest problem for Sinem Kobal, unlike Hazal Ergüçlü she has not planned her careet strategies in the same fashion…..It seems that the roles that are chosen for Sinem Kobal are roles where she can portray Sinem Kobal….That is why her characters are not identifiable to the viewer. We cannot believe the pain she has suffered, the things she lost, actually not even the fact that she lost her baby. The other issue is her identity on the magazine covers….for example Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, he too has an identity on magazine covers. But it seems that Sinem Kobal has tried to create the magazine Sinem Kobal to the actree Sinem Kobal….However we have been seeing her on television and in movies since she was child. She actually grew up before our eyes. For this reason always seeing her portray the good hearted, sweet, periodically innocenet, and sometimes and barker, I think that she needs to broaden her horizons.

Now the story……

Small things that stick out……The village Ağa has his eye on Kader. Kader works in the fields. We see Salih Ağa up on a hill, hiding behind a tree and using binoculars to watch Kader.

The question is; Why is not that the Ağa of village is looking using his binoculars, why is he hiding behind a tree? Then afterwards during a scene where Kader is speaking with her ill aunt; we learn that this was her first day in the fields. The aunt saying “once I get better, I will return to work, I am not going to send you to the fields”. We also hear from the Ağa’s own mouth that this was the first day for Kader in the field. He does this by asking one of the workers why Kader is in the fields, and what happened to her aunt.

The question is; If Kader came to the fields on that day for the first time, why is that binocular there beneath the tree? When did he learn that she would be there, and when did he hide the binoculars beneath the tree?

The question is; Kader’s aunt who seems to be in her sixties works in the fields, what does Kader do, sit at home?

Kader’s aunt has a heartattack. Salih Ağa most likely is having Kader watched, and this is how he knows about this. Using this to is advantage he takes Kader and her aunt to the hospital. Then he comes and tells her that the doctor said “you do not have to stay at the hospital” and “Come on let me take you home”. Kader responds “No, I want to stay here”, then you see her following Salih Ağa out.

The question is; For someone who has no one in her life but her aunt, would she really leave her aunt in the hospital and go home?

After the reape scene Salih leaves the house. But the crazy village person is at the door. Then Salih Ağa gets alarmed that he has seen everything. He gets his gun from the car, runs a few steps, and shoots. The crazy person gets shot and while running falls to the ground. Salih Ağa is alarmed emough to shoot this person, but he does not seem to care enough to go there and see if the person is dead or alive.

The question is; The only witness other than the victim scares him enough to shoot the crazy person, but he does not check to see if the other witness is dead of alive?

Then the next day we see the crazy person.

The question is; We are thinking that he is dead, worse case scenario he has been shot, then how is it that he is walking around in perfectly good health?

After the rape Kader leaves the house. She starts walking. She is going to leve this village. A car stops besides her. The new village teacher…..they do not even know each other. The teacher realizes that something really bad happend to Kader. Wanting to help. Thinking that she is cold. He hands over his coat. Kader, after everythiing she has just been through jumps back in fear, and tells him “Keep your distance” and she does not take the jacket. Then the teacher says “Come let me take you to the hospital” and Kader accepts this offer and gets into the car.

The question is; Kader who has just been raped, is so afraid that she does not take the jacket the teacher has just offered her, then how is it that in the middle of the night, she gets into his car where she will be totally alone with him?

Zeliha’s husband Murat in the disturbance shoots some. He must get rid of the gun. He starts screaming that there is no where to get rid of the fun in the huge city of Istanbul.

The question is; Why doesn’t Murat get rid of the gun? Why doesn’t he throw it into the sea?

The police are after Zeliha and Murat. Zeliha and Murat are staying at Murat’s mother house .

The question is; Why does the police come and search Murat’s mothers house?

Murat dies. Fast forward eight months. The year 1972…Zeliha is eight months pregnant, and they are still looking for her. This is why she cannot even venture out into the streets comfortably. The next day she is going to leave the country, start a new life. All of a suddent she says that she is going to see Murat’s mother.

The question is; Why didn’t she do this before in the pass eight months. Why didn’t she tells Neriman before that she was pregnant and the Neriman was going to be a grandmother, why now, just as she is about to leave the county, why now just as she has decided to start a new life does she decide to tell her now?

In short are there some rough edges in the series “Analar ve Anneler”, yes of course, but as I said minimal.

I say let’s watch it…..

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