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Dayan Yüreğim Episode 8 Preview

Dayan Yüreğim Episode 8 PreviewKNOWINGLY GETS CAUGHT Elvan who does not appear in court for the devilish plan set

Ölene Kadar Episode 10 Preview

Ölene Kadar Episode 10 PreviewDağhan it totally devastated after Selvi’s confession, however one by one

Gizem Karaca joins Kara Sevda!

Gizem Karaca joins Kara Sevda!Gizem Karaca will be joining the cast of Kara Sevda portraying a totally different

Cesur ve Güzel Episode 19 Preview

Cesur ve Güzel Episode 19 PreviewEven though Cesur has learned who murdered his father and his heart cools down just

Vatanım Sensin Episode 20 Preview

Vatanım Sensin Episode 20 PreviewCevdet is doing everything he can to save Hilal and Ali Kemal for shooting Lieutenant

Çoban Yıldızı Episode 4 Preview

Çoban Yıldızı Episode 4 PreviewWhile Seyit and his family are on the road to Istanbul, they fall for the trap set

Evlat Kokusu Episode 3 Preview

Evlat Kokusu Episode 3 PreviewZeyno is determined to do whatever is take never to be separated from her son again,

Bu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek Episode 12 Preview

Bu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek Episode 12 PreviewTENSIONS RISE As Ali it trying to take Aslı to the hospital as she has attempted

Kara Sevda Episode 61 Preview

Kara Sevda Episode 61 PreviewKemal has no intentions of giving up in spite of recent events The door of truth

No: 309 Episode 40 Preview

No: 309 Episode 40 PreviewBetül’s plans once again don’t go the way she expected. Lale was accepted

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