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Is Kiraz Mevsimi heading towards a Finale?

21 Ekim 2015 - 5.052 views kez okunmuş
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Is Kiraz Mevsimi heading towards a Finale?

We have the opinion of an industry expert writing a blog each week regarding Turkish Series. We have been given permission to translate these writings. The writer wishes to remain anonymous. We welcome your comments regarding the thoughts shared each week.

The following is an English translation of his blog written on 18 October regarding his expertise on where Kiraz Mevsimi is heading

As of right now nothing is firm, but I am saying that this series can end any minute.

Frankly it is imminent…..

True the series Kiraz Mevsimi started the new season with a bang…..

Obviously the series started the season in Rome, photographs of Ayaz and Öykü were spread all over the internet even before the episode aired. The new season was the biggest topic of discussion, and there was massive publicity regarding the new season.

In spite of all of this, it is going to be impossible for this series to continue past February 2016. But frankly I do not even think that it will make it to February. Each new episode, does not arouse any new element of curiousity, which now leads me to day “It won’t even make it to February”.

This is because there is no longer the clashes between the lover Ayaz & Öykü. We are not longer wondering what is Ayaz & Öykü going to do next. They are happily married. The have established their own home. Knock on wood they have established a consitant life……And because of is the clashes on Kiraz Mevisimi are left to an ineffective cast. Meaning that Ayaz & Öykü are happy, the viewers are sad…..

So is the situation with the sidebar clashes? Meanwing what are the closest friends of Öykü and Ayaz doing, is their story still on track? No……Six friends, or 3 couples and their clashes have reached the point of boredom, becuase nothing has changed. Back and forth like a tug of war, a group that seems to be constantly going around in circles.

In short Ilker and Sibel, getting a divorce, reconciling; Mete and Şeyma taking one step foward and two steps back; and Emre and Burcu sacrifice of their difference in status actually has all gotten very boring.

As if it has not gotten boring enough, it is as though they are keep trying to fill time going around in complete circles. First we have Ayaz’s mother Önem who in the beginning was having a relationship with Mete’s father Hakan, now we have him having a relationship with Öykü’s mother. Now once again as with the relationship between Hakan and Önem; we have “let’s not let the children know anything” we are back to hiding things once again. Now they expect us to believe in the relationship between Hakan and Meral, and find it cute that they are keeping this secret from their children. Truthfully we have Hakan first having a relationship with Önem the mother of Ayaz, and now having a relationship with Ayaz’s mother in law Meral, this appears very stomachless.

Let’s put all of this aside, and think for a moment what is left?

The clashes between Önem and Öykü, you know like a the clashes between a mother in law and daughter in law. Does this attract attention? Of course not.

Where is the love? NONE

Where is the curiousity? NONE

Where are the side stories? NONE

Is Kiraz Mevsimit trying to tell us the story of Sabit Bey and his heartless secretary in Atlantis? Of course not.

So the actual quetion is what or who is the real element of the story in Kiraz Mevsimi? Of course the answer is Ayaz. This is because the series is most watched by young ladies. So why is the character of Ayaz being left on the sidelines? If anyone knows the answer, let us know as well…..

During this new season focusing mostly on Öykü is a huge mistake…..

And if this were not enough, Kiraz Mevsimi has started to be more llike a Hollywood movie using commercials within the episode. For example at breakfast with Ayaz and Öykü; there is a single piece of bread with a chocolate spread on it, and the two of them start clashing over who gets the last piece, like a television commercial.

Ayaz forming a partnership with his mother, and then we see Ayaz and Öykü hiding things from each other regarding business kind of reminds us of Mr and Mrs Smith.

Then we have the blue soup that Öykü made…..that was the icing on the cake! As this is directly a scene of The Diary of Bridget Jones. Don’t believe me, Google Bridget Jones and blue soap and see how many pages of information there is written about this series. They must think that we do not even watch movies…..They must think that we only watch the series on the five or six television channels available in this country. This must be the case because they are point their finger right at us as if we are blind. So if this is the case let’s sit down take a scene from multiple romantic comedies, put them together and then air them to the viewing public. Wouldn’t this be easier? Isn’t this easier and more creative?

Then we have the uniforms which were created by the companies. Whether looking at the ones creating by Önem or the ones created by Öykü; one was more worse than the other. It is obivious in real life which fashion designers would be involved in such a bid…..You present your desire, and give the designer a few days to present their ideas, you do not go to Osmanbey and buy something off the shelf, who comes up with these ideas? Then they expect us to believe the fact that these are supposed to be fashion designers.

Wait it get’s worse……

We see Ilker and Emre establish a food cart selling köfte (Meatballs). Taking their food cart and parking outside the luxury cafe Yaprak, the police showing up and not doing anything about this…..This has to be a joke.

Will this stop the viewers from watching Kiraz Mevsimi? No….

What would stop them? Sending them a joke report card.

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