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Kara Para Aşk Episode 1 Preview

10 Mart 2014 - 62 views kez okunmuş
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Kara Para Aşk Episode 1 Preview
In a world that is dirty with money and greed, chasing after the criminals and becoming very successful is Police Commissioner Ömer, who comes to Istanbul for his engagement with Sibel.
Elif who lives in Rome, comes to Istanbul to be able to celebrate her birthday with her family.
Ömer and Elif grieve with the pain of death on the same night. Ömer loses his girlfriend, Elif loses her father both are murdered.  Both are left with many unanswered questions.  They meet under these stressful conditions, and have their own opinions regarding the other, the each follow clues which ultimately always brings them together. 
Ömer is searching for Sibel's murderer, he is determined to clear up the accusations being made.  
As Elif is living through the most difficult time in her life, she realizes that her father was not all that he seemed to be.  She actually comes to grips with the fact that he also had a dark sided life.  This is going to be the last slap in the face for Elif.  Elif is walking on a very dark road which he full of danger for her as well as her family and she is about to get lost in all of this.
Series Premiere Wednesday 12 March @ 20:00 on ATV

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