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“Kiralık Aşk” was like watching music videos!!

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“Kiralık Aşk”  was like watching music videos!!

Oya Doğan aka Dizi Doktoru and a critic with the newspaper Vatan wrote an article with her thoughts of episode 23 of the famous series “Kiralık Aşk”.

One Friday night we all watched the series “Kiralık Aşk” which aired its 23rd episode. At the end of the 22nd episode Ömer learned that Defne had sold her design to Deniz. There was really no discussion of this at all during this weeks episode. There should have been some pain or sorrow in this weeks episode. What did we watch? More than 50 percent of the episode was like watching a music video, and commercials.

Sude who used Koray’s laptop to send out the email regarding Defne’s betrayal became obvious. Yasemin who realized that it was Sude who did this actually threatened to expose her But when she arrived at Sinan’s house with the intent of telling him the truth; she went into a fit of rage, yelled and parted ways with Passionis.

Ömer to deal with his pain regarding Defne went to his friend Alp’s ranch and had a bar-b-q.  It was like no one realized what Defne is after. She is both guilty, and strong as they say! She is constantly lying, and then showing up at Ömer’s doorstep spending the night and prepared to tell him the entire truth. But instead she takes Ömer to her brothers wedding, and right in the middle of the wedding she tells him that they have to talk, and then to make matters worse she takes an attitude with him. She does not even mention a single truth.

So nothing is brought out into the open, she confesses nothing then she floats on top of water like oil, as if she is totally innocent. Then when Ömer tells her that he cannot trust her we see the next scene where she returns back to her old life just like episode 1.

In short if episode 23 was meant to be heart wrenching and with Defne returning back to her old job as a waitress the path on which this happens should have been a bit more convincing. We should not have heard the song ” Yalnızlığım (Loneliness)” by Sertap Eren over and over again!

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