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Meleklerin Aşkı Episode 2 Preview

10 Temmuz 2018 - 218 views kez okunmuş
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Meleklerin Aşkı Episode 2 Preview

Yağmur was caught with Deniz, his plan for making Melek fall is love with him is now dead before it had even had a chance.

This is now the reason that he must immediately figure out a way to explain everything to Melek. But there is a problem, he too does not know the truth. This is because he does not remember anything about that night. The only person who possibly knows what happened that night is Deniz. Deniz is also planning to manipulating the events of that night to her advantage. Even Yağmur himself is going to be that he is Deniz’s boyfriend. But Yağmur cannot take any more of this. He is planning on making his move to turn everything back to his advantage, when he receives a suggestion from Rukiye, which now turns the situation from bad to worse. Once again Yağmur finds himself in the middle of a bad situation full of intricacies.

Yağmur manages to get himself out of this situation as well. He is finally rid of all of the misunderstandings and the claws of Deniz. Now everyone is certain that Yağmur and Deniz are not in a romantic relationship. Even though everything in the house seems to be sailing smoothly, Necmettin is not convinced. He makes the decision to deal with the traffic in the hallways. Everything that is happening behind the closed doors must be exposed. In order to accomplish this, he plants secret cameras throughout the house. And of course the first person to fall prey to this is once again Yağmur. Yağmur is caught by the camera’s and therefore by Necmettin in such a manner, that regardless of what he does or what he says he is not going to be able to prove his innocence.

New Episode air’s Thursday 12 July @ 20:00 on ShowTV

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