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Meleklerin Aşkı Episode 5 Preview

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Meleklerin Aşkı Episode 5 Preview

The wrongly & mistaken situation that Yağmur finds himself in, is not going to be easy to get out of.

While Yağmur was dreaming of declaring his love for Melek, and the beautiful days that they will have together following this declaration; he finds himself in the hands of a psychopathic brother. This time the misunderstanding that Yağmur has gotten himself into, easy not going to be easy to get out of. This is because Mehtap’s brother has turned to the dark side. He is going to make sure his sister and Yağmur tie the knot.

At home everyone wants Yağmur to get on Hamdi’s good side, doing everything that he wants. However Yağmur does not do this. This is because every passing minute is a minute that he is losing regarding spending time with Melek and this is causing a distancing between them, there are things getting in the way of love that might not be able to get rid of. The entire household is looking for a way to getting Yağmur out of the clenches of Hamdi.

Finally in the end somehow Hamdi has been convinced, and the danger seems to be fading. Now Yağmur has absolutely no time to waster. Before putting himself in danger or getting himself into trouble, he must declare his love to Melek. The minute that Melek comes home, he is going to take her out, and regardless of what Melek may say he is not going to give up on his love.

It seems that Yağmur is closer than ever to his goal. However as fate would have it, the webs are continually being built against him; leaving Melek this time iin the middle. Melek has fallen for her conscience, she has come home fully determined and has made up her mind that she is going to move out of the house and away from her family.

Just as Yağmur thinks that he is going to take the first step towards his dreams and his future, he is face to face with the possibility of losing Melek forever.

New Episode air’s Thursday 2 August @ 20:00 on ShowTV

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