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Muhteşem Yüzyıl Episode 139 Preview

02 Nisan 2014 - 90 views kez okunmuş
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Muhteşem Yüzyıl Episode 139 Preview
Hürrem is shocked with the question from Süleyman her answer to the question tears him apart with anguish! This answer also only tears them apart even further.
Gazanfer breaks all the rules and enters the harem, and saves Nurbanu at the last minute from drowning.  When Selim learns that Gazanfer has entered the harem he is angry and makes the decision to banish him from the palace. Nurbanu who barely escapes death blames Hürrem.  She cannot convince Selim that it was Hürrem who ordered her death. She is so afraid of losing her life, she asks Gazanfer to sacrifice himself. The battle of Hürrem and Nurbanu begins! 
Mihrimah starts to have mysterious blemishes appearing on her skin.  The doctors at the palace are unsuccessful in trying to treat her.  A Spanish doctor; Pedro who comes to treat Mihrimah, makes her heart beat rapidly; Rüstem is fuming with jealously.
Defne who manages to win over Bayezıt's heart with a love note that she has sent to him.  A letter that she found in Bayezıt's room,  and she discloses the information in the letter to Selim.  Bayezıt goes mad when he finds out that Selim has set a trap for him, and this causes even more friction between he two brothers.
Fatma drags Hürrem into serious danger. Her escape from the danger is a miracle. When Süleyman arrives to save Hürrem he is shocked by what he sees.  Süleyman banishes Fatma from payitaht when he learns that she is behind this trap.  The things that Hürrem hears from the fortune teller devastates her.  Meanwhile, Süleyman in order to clear his conscience throws Mustafa's letter into the fire.
Yeni Bölüm 2 Nisan Çarşamba  Saat 20:00 StarTV'de

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