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Yeni Gelin Episode 11 Preview

18 Mayıs 2017 - 819 views kez okunmuş
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Yeni Gelin Episode 11 Preview

Bella is saved from the edge of the cliff, by the person who sent her there. Hazar is trying to keep Bella away from superstition, but Bella’s mind is now stuck with these thoughts. She is determined to do everything that Ebe Durdu has told her to do.

Hazar’s last hope is to speak with the doctor. When the young couple meet with the doctor they have their second shock. If they want to become parents Hazar too must receive treatment.

Hazar is adamant that no one in the mansion is to hear about this situation. However nothing remains secret in the Bozok mansion for long, and this like everything else comes to the surface.

As Kalender is concerned for his son, he is also very concerned for his daughter. Şirin because of Dilan’s complaint is in prison with Baran. Dilan had thought that she had found an opportunity to get her revenge, however Baran intervened. Şirin however is release and free.

Türkmen’s love life brings the marriage of Kamilla and Kamil to the breaking point. As Kamilla thinks that she is trying to help Türkmen, she is actually doing damage to her own marriage. Kamil with the encouragement he receives from Kalender is being dragged into a total misunderstanding.

But all of this does not change anything for any of the women. They are all after Çukurtarla. Without making it obvious to the others in the mansion they go to Çukurtarla to investigate a bit further, retuning only to the mansion to get the tools necessary to properly investigate. In the end their efforts pay off. Çukurtarla has finally exposed itself and its worth.

New Episode air’s Saturday 20 May @ 20:00 on ShowTV

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