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Yeni Gelin Episode 20 Preview

12 Ekim 2017 - 497 views kez okunmuş
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Yeni Gelin Episode 20 Preview

Kalender goes mad when Asiye turns Hazar in. This now causes Asiye to have no place in Kalender’s life. Asiye’s last move was the last drop in a glass that was already full. Regardless of what Asiye tries to do to get Kalender to forgive her, he does not acknowledge her thus causing her to take her anger out of Bella.

Bella is not the only unhappy bride in the mansion. Afet who was thinking that once Gökhan arrived her life would be happy, but quite the opposite her life has turned into hell. This is because Ayşe turns into the most notorious mother-in-law ever seen. The stubbornness put forth causes the couple who are both burning with desire being unable to be reunited.

With Ayşe’s last move, Gökhan is now stuck between his wife and his mother. Of course Kalender has no idea of what is going on. This is because Asude is a guest in the mansion. Kalender’s only problem is trying to have and affect on her and get on her good side. He pays close attention to Asude, and tries very hard to find some mutual interests that they may have. Of course during this period of time he becomes exhausted; because Kalender Ağa is not as physically fit, nor does he have the same cultural view points. But Kalender is willing to do anything.

Kalender’s other wives of course notice every single move he is making. They all have absolutely no intention of allowing Asude to get her hands on him. Right now there seems that there is nothing that they can do.

The wives are not the only ones who notice Kalender’s actions. Bella notices Kalender’s actions towards her aunt so she warns Hazar. Hazar immediately gets his brothers together and explains the severity of the situation to them, all three of them immediately head to confront their father. However their intention is only to warn him. But the response they receive from Kalender puts them all into shock. This is because the mansion is about to rumble very loudly. The danger that they have been avoiding is even much closer than anyone every thought.

New Episode air’s Saturday 14 October @ 20:00 on ShowTV

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