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Afili Aşk Episode 26 Preview

10 Aralık 2019 - kez okunmuş
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Afili Aşk Episode 26 Preview

Bachelor party causes major disruptions!

That night Kerem and Ayşe are dragged into their own fairy tale. They have proven once again that there is no one that can stand in the way of their love for each other. These two lovers teach Yelda a huge lesson. Will Yelda be able to accept the fact that she is the loser in this battle?

Meanwhile the past continues to haunt Muhsin like a shadow that will not go away. Kerem continues to try and deal with the stress that is brought on by these past situations. Ayşe starts to thinks that the stress that Kerem is under is work related. She immediately gets to work organizing an event at the office for both Kerem and all the workers to be able to have a motivational yet stress free day. At Modamu, this motivational day comes with huge surprises and brings with it huge curiosities as well.

At the office training coach arrives and has a “trust” test ready for everyone to take, Kerem fails this test. Kerem is still stuck on Ayşe’s radar, and after this she does not let him out of her sight. To make matters even more complicated for Kerem and Volkan is a surprise bachelor party for an old friend.

New Episode air’s Wednesday 11 December @ 20:00 on KanalD

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