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Behind the scenes at the “NEW” Erkenci Kuş

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Behind the scenes at the “NEW” Erkenci Kuş

Rumors are flying who is leaving and who is staying as Erkenci Kuş winds down before the summer break? T

Erkenci Kuş which started as a summer season series has gained enough popularity and momentum and has continued through the fall, winter, and spring of 2019. Now the season will air it’s season finale sometime during the second half of May 2019. After an approximate 2-3 week break, vacation, holiday whatever you would like to call it, the series will return.

This is what we know right now:

The original screenplay writers have returned, and the series is going to move in a totally different direction once it returns after break; it will be a bit more drama than romcom.

The characters definitely not returning will be the Ayhan (Ceren Taşçı), Osman (Ali Yağcı), Güliz (Sibel Şişman), Polen (Kimya Gökçe Aytaç) andLeyla (Öznur Serçeler) . Negotiations with the producer are still in the works to keep Mevkibe (Özlem Tokaslan) and Nihat (Berat Yenilmez) with a contract extension.

New additions to the cast as previously announced at Aziz Divit (Ahmet Somers) along with his significant other who will be portrayed by Sevinç Erbulak. Remide Hanım (Aliye Uzunatağan) is also returning (remember organic farm). Then we have two new additions cast one being actress Başak Gümülcinelioğlu who will portray Sanem’s new best friend and love interest for Muzaffer (Cihan Ercan) actor Ahmet Olgun Sünear what his role will be was not disclosed.

New Scenario will start with Fikri Harika Advertising Company will be gone, out of business bankrupt. While it was originally said that Can Divit will be living out in nature and in a tent, it is now being said that he will be living on a boat, earning his living as a fisherman.

Upon the return of Can’s father Aziz Divit with his significant other fireworks will be on display on a regular basis with father Aziz and mother Hüma which will cause Can much grief and aggravation hence him living on a boat.

Sanem becomes a famous author of a organic cook book, she reaches best seller status and is extremely popular and very much in demand. (editors note) This is amazing since she can’t cook according to previous episodes, however this might be where Remide Hanım comes into play remember organic farm.

Ceycey (Cengiz Özdemir) and Muzaffer (Cihan Ercan) will become roommates.

The fate of the remaining characters Emre Divit (Birand Tunca), Deren Keskin (Tuğçe Kumral) is also still unknown.

Also keep in mind that the scenario change as mentioned above may actually change again. But this is the information we have on hand right now.

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