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Benim Adım Melek Episode 64 Preview

03 Mayıs 2021 - kez okunmuş
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Benim Adım Melek Episode 64 Preview

Melek wants her father to convince Kerem, however Seyitali instead tells her that he is standing behind Kerem’s decision. Melek who returned back to Turkey to be able to start a new life with her children is now devastated that Kerem wants to return back to Germany. Defne tries to speak with Vildan about what is written in the letter and about Kenan. But the letter that she thought was securely hidden ends up in the hands of someone else inside the mansion. Who has the letter now? Will the Şirhan family learns about the love that Kenan feels for Vildan?

Fund who has not heard anything from Alpay or from İdris, is now left in the street and homeless and Alpay has sold off all of his assets.

Funda full of rage appears at Kenan’s door, not knowing that Alpay whom she thinks is dead is just one level below, and she he asking Kenan for his help. Kenan who is playing double games one with Alpay and another with Funda, is so close to getting his revenge. He intends to keep the promise that he has made to the other partners of the locale by eliminating Alpay completely. When Kenan learns that Kerem is planning on returning to Germany, in order to prevent him from leaving he speeds up his plans even thought this puts his own life in danger.

At the Karadağ mansion a farewell dinner is being prepared for Kerem’s last night, while at the same time Kenen is preparing a final dinner for Alpay who has told him that he would be leaving early the next morning. Alpay believes that Funda was saved from dying at the last minute, and with the dream that he is going to wake up the next morning as a free man, he prepares himself for his final dinner which will be the death of him….

For months the letters written by Kenan have exchanged multiple hands, now finally is in the hands of the original intended. As Vildan is reading the love letters written with words of deep love and affection, Ömer enters the room and witnesses this. He immediately storms out of the mansion full of anger and he is heading over to Kenan’s to demand a full explanation….

New Episode air’s Wednesday 5 May @ 20:30 on TRT1

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