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Benim Tatlı Yalanım Episode 1 Preview

11 Haziran 2019 - 516 views kez okunmuş
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Benim Tatlı Yalanım Episode 1 Preview

Nejat and Suna, two people from two totally different worlds, with what looks like a small innocent white lie, and what starts because of this it going to wrap the viewers with their movement towards love while passing many surprises along the way.

Everything starts with a small little white lie….

Nejat Yılmaz and his daughter Kayra live a happy life together Kayra’s mother Aylin abandoned the family while Kayra was still a baby, and in order for the little girl not to live with the burden of feeling abandoned, he told his daughter that her mother was in Africa on a very important mission, and for all of these years he has been sending this little girl letters from her mother which he actually writes. As her 6th birthday approaches, Nejat learns that Kayra is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her mother as a surprise for her birthday. Even though Nejat tries everything that he can to get Kayra to forget about this dream, this little girl continues to believe that her mother is going to arrive. Nejat who is now feels helpless like he must try and do something tries to contact his ex-wife Aylin whom he has not spoken to in years.

Suna Doğan has been working towards her biggest dream for a very long time, and she is just about reached her goal. She is about to reopen the pudding store that was run by her mother before she passed away when Suna was a young child, by doing this she is going to keep the memory of her mother alive. However because of the loan that her brother has defaulted on, his coffee shop is headed for auction for non payment, thus all of Suna’s dreams officially fall apart. Now Suna and the other members of the family are forced to get over 200,000 TL together in order to save the coffee shop from auction. While the entire family is trying to think of a solution to this problem, Nejat who is looking for a building to be used in a commercial arrives at the coffee shop. When Suna learns that Nejat is interested in buying the coffee shop she views him as an aggressive business man out to make a quick buck, and immediately banished him from the store. Afterwards Suna actually learns who Nejat is and regrets what she has done. If Nejat goes ahead and rents the coffee shop for his commercial, with the money they will receive a huge dent will be made in the money they need to pay the debt. Along with her sister Saniye and her best friend Burcu they all head out to apologize to Nejat.

During this time Nejat has learned for sure that his ex-wife has absolutely no intentions of coming to her daughter’s birthday and he is preparing to tell Kayra the truth. While Nejat is certain that Kayra is going to fall apart when she learns the truth, Suna arrives with cake in hand ready to apologize. Suna forcefully gets herself invited to enter the home, and along with this the situations that arise, get completely out of Nejat and Suna’s control. When morning comes there is a new surprise that awaits both Suna and Nejat. When Kayra sees Suna on this morning which is her birthday she immediately thinks that this is her mother Aylin. This misunderstanding takes both Suna and Nejat into a game of a fake marriage with consequences they never even could think of.

New Episode air’s Thursday 13 June @ 20:00 on StarTV

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