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Bir Zamanlar Çukurova Episode 100 Preview

09 Haziran 2021 - kez okunmuş
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Bir Zamanlar Çukurova Episode 100 Preview


In order to protect her daughter, Sevda is willing to risk it all. She steals the money from inside the mansion and is planning on taking her daughter and going to Istanbul. But when things do not go as planned, the days of difficulty have begun for Sevda.

For both Demir and Züleyha, Sevda was just someone who entered their lives with secret plans of destroying their marriage! This women who was viewed as the elder of the family and was respected as such, has now lost everything and has turned into their arch enemy! Demir is determined to do whatever it takes to insure that Ümit will not give birth to that baby! Even though Züleyha offers to allow the child to be raised in their home, Demir’s anger is so great that it effects everyone in the entire town of Çukurova as he searches every square inch looking for Ümit determined to find her! Sevda’s response to all of this is using the only trump card that she holds with the actions that took place involving Züleyha and herself!

Meanwhile Demir and Züleyha even though they do not know it, have Betül and Şermin starting to help them on the other issue! As the entire Yaman clan are literally working for each other and against each other at the same time, Fekeli has thrown Ümit and Sevda out of his house as well because of the flyers and he has no intention of spending any time listening to any more stories.

Following Müjgan’s death, Fikret has buried all his desires of revenge as he finds himself in the middle of another struggle. First it is the knock on the door by an attorney, then the fight for his life that little Kerem Ali is going through, causing just another lit torch to light the burning fire in the hearts of all three Fikret, Fekeli and Lütfiye!

While at the ranch the endless back and forth traffic regarding Sevda and Ümit, Demir and Züleyha are constantly being forced to run back and forth into town.

But in the fields a chain of events continue to occur that start to drive Saniye crazy! Cumali is constantly chasing down and after her daughter Üzüm. When in the end Saniye see them both walking away from the ranch he explosive reaction to this is going to be ringing in the halls of the mansion as well as in the ears of everyone around!

New Episode air’s Thursday 10 June @ 20:00 on ATV

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