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Bir Zamanlar Çukurova Episode 29 Preview

17 Nisan 2019 - 198 views kez okunmuş
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Bir Zamanlar Çukurova Episode 29 Preview


The time has arrived in Çukurova for huge decisions to be made! Will Demir Yaman follow the steps of his ancestors and protect his land, or for the sake of love is he going to allow everything to fall apart and disappear?

Demir Yaman is walking through the screaming halls of the mental institution looking for Züleyha; while his mother is uttering the words “There are going to be many bad days before us, I wish I could take back time”. Is Demir going to go against his mother Hünkar?

Demir who is so blinded with his love for Züleyha that he cannot see or hear anything else will react how when Züleyha constantly yells at him saying “Adnan is not your son”?

Züleyha who says “Enjoy this moment of victory” and who leaves Hünkar aside, is planning what?

Yılmaz manages to get Müjgan to trust him once again, but will he find the answers to the questions swirling around in his head? Who is going to be the one that opens the letter written by Züleyha to Yılmaz?

As all of this is going on, Gaffur and Seher get even closer. So close that this is becoming a very dangerous situation. Saniye who seems to know everything that happens in the ranch will react how when she learns about this?

Slowly by surely it starts to become obvious who Fekeli has burned the torch for. It seems obvious as the old lovers Fekeli and Hünkar start to see each other even more frequently as their original goal was to keep the peace in Çukurova. But this constant secretive meeting is going to take and drag these two old lovers in which direction?

New Episode air’s Thursday 18 April @ 20:00 on ATV

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