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Çarpışma Episode 23 Preview

22 Mayıs 2019 - 223 views kez okunmuş
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Çarpışma Episode 23 Preview

As Veli stands there he notices that Kadir is hesitant to pull the trigger, he starts to lead him on, as he is remember all of the bad things that he has done to Kadir.

Meanwhile time is running out for Zeynep, and as each moment passes she is only one step away from death.

Kadir is just about to lose complete control of himself, when at the last second the opportunity he needs arrives to save Zeynep. Even though Cansız will not tell him where Zeynep actually is, he agrees to take him there. They quickly head out and within moments they are at Zeynep’s side.

Cansız has created such an explosive device that following Zeynep even Kadir has fallen into Cansız’s trap. The chance that Zeynep and Kadir will escape is totally dependent on luck or better yet a miracle.

Veli who knows that Cansız has a plan of escape, sets a trap for him in order to be able to murder him. He gets the opportunity that he has been waiting for, and Cansız is being showered with bullets.

Once again Kerem is Cemre’s biggest supporter.

Veli decides that the time has come for him to leave Istanbul, and he starts to bid farewell to this city. However at a moment that he least expects, he gets a message from someone totally unexpected.

Blood will be pouring, people will be suffering, and death with be knocking on the door once again.

New Episode air’s Thursday 23 May @ 20:00 on ShowTV

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