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Çoban Yıldızı Premıere!

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Çoban Yıldızı Premıere!

The new series “Çoban Yıldızı” produced by Most Productions will premiere on Thursday 2 March 2017 on FoxTV.

The series will be produced under the direction of Gül Oğuz, screenplay writter is Gülızar Irmak will be directed by Gülay Mercan; and stars Şükrü Özyıldız, Selin Şekerci, Selim Bayrakta, Menderes Samancılar, Arif Erkin, Serhat Özcan, Aysun Metiner, Feyza Işık, Elif Çakman, Sahra Şaş, Taygun Sungar, Özlem Çakar and Neslihan Can.


The story starts when Fikret Karakaya a very wealthy and powerful man who lives in Cappadocia wants to marry Zühre who is a beautiful young lady born and raised in Niğde. She does not want to marry Karakay; it would be virtually impossible for Zühre wo be the wife of Fikret Karakaya who holds all his might in the palm of his hands.

Seyit a very handsome man, know for his honesty, manliness, values and who is a worker who works with stones coincidentally runs into Zühre. The by chance meeting turns into a non-arthritic, passionate yet bewitching love. Even though water and fire do not mix, this love is going to bring them very close to each other.

Their freedom is their love.

Seyit and Zühre enter into a struggle of removing all of the obstacles before their love for each other. However their love burns everyone and everything that they touch. To make matters worse they also have to deal with the biggest obstacle of all; the powerful Fikret Karakaya.

The series “Çoban Yıldızı” for Seyit and Zühre starts as in the fairy tale land of Cappadocia, then goes as far as Istanbul and promises to keep the viewers holding their breath with the love story that is full of energy.

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