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Çocuk Episode 12 Preview

02 Aralık 2019 - 61 views kez okunmuş
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Çocuk Episode 12 Preview

Efe learns the truth about his family!

Asiye and Ali Kemal are taken totally off guard after Hasan has Murat arrested and put into jail. In order for Asiye to get her son released from prison she needs Asiye to testify. Emine rejects all of the offers being made to her. It is totally up to Hasan whether she will testify or not. As Asiye’s devastation continues to grown, Ali Kemal comes face to face with Hasan in order to save Murat.

When Ali Kemal returns to the mansion empty handed, Akça is also one who cannot figure out why Hasan did this. But there is another reason why Hasan actually sent Murat to prison.

As Ali Kemal continues to struggle to try and save Murat, he learns that he is about to lose Efe as well. At the first pre-hearing it is determined that Efe should start to spend time with his biological mother and father. Ali Kemal is now being squeezed from all ends.

While on one hand Ali Kemal has to deal with the situation regarding his brother, while on the other he is about to lose Efe, Akça and Hasan put aside their anger and animosity towards each other and excitedly prepare to visit their son together.

But this happiness does not last long when Asiye returns with the bad news that Murat was nearly beaten to death while in prison. When Hasan hears this he immediately turns around to try and protect Murat, and he tells Emine to testify. This move by Hasan moves Asiye one step closer to her son, however Ali Kemal is certain that Hasan probably has a ulterior motive regarding this. What does Hasan want in return this time in order for Murat to be rescued? When Asiye tells him that Hasan did not ask for anything, Ali Kemal reminds her of the decision that was made regarding Efe.

As Efe is spending time with Akça and Hasan; Ali Kemal learns that Asiye is signing over her shares of the company to Hasan. Even though Asiye continues to tell him that Hasan knows nothing about this, she cannot convince Ali Kemal. As a huge fight breaks out between Ali Kemal and Hasan, Efe after all of these years is going to lean the secret that has been hidden from him…..

New Episode air’s Tuesday 3 December @ 20:00 on StarTV

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