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Çukur Episode 79 Preview

07 Aralık 2019 - kez okunmuş
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Çukur Episode 79 Preview

The person who actually saves Yamaç from the attack made by Timsah is going to cause must curiousity.

With a move made bu Vartolu all of the Koçovalı brothers are once again reunited.

Azer who comes to Çukur to get his brother is going to run into someone he never expected.

When Kemal and Metin along with help they receive from Aliço go to save the women of Çukur, the are going to come face to face with danger.

When Azer decides to take Kemal out of Çukur in response to his brother, the meeting between Azer and the Koçovalı’s promises to have everyone on the edge of their seat.

As the Koçovalı women are closely following the happenings in the neighborhood, the surprising decision by Saadet is going to leave everyone stunned.

Vartolu who is determined to leave in order to find the person responsible for the murder of his father, will have a very emotional showdown with Yamaç.

One of Çukur’s most beloved characters will be bidding farewell to Çukur in a very surprising way, as this episode will leave everyone breathless.

New Episode air’s Monday 9 December @ 20:00 on ShowTV

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