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Darısı Başımıza Episode 3 Preview

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Darısı Başımıza Episode 3 Preview

As the tension between Öykü and Ozan reach the boiling point, Cem is laying in bed ill but chasing after having a good time.

After hearing those harsh words from Ozan; in a fit of anger and now allowing her stubbornness to take over, Öykü finds herself speeding up her engagement with Cem. Meanwhile Rüya has figured out that it was Ozan who Öykü met while in Izmir; so in order to protect her sister she makes her move. However after her first attempted move to protect her sister she actually causes an accident.

For the sake of her daughter’s happiness, Zerrin is forced to put up with Canan; however when she discovers that Canan has stolen another memory from her father, that is now the final straw and she loses total control of herself. However Zerrin has no idea that Canan is also holding another trump card…..

After Cem sprains his ankle, the action reignites inside the Tekinsoy mansion. As the tension between Öykü and Ozan continues to rise to the boiling point, Cem who is laying in bed is running after a good time. But now everyone is squeezed into a corner…..

Meanwhile Öykü and Ozan who continually try to run away from each other; actually are forced to come together constantly. Ozan who cannot bear to keep this secret any longer, decides to confess the entire truth to Cem. When Rüya learns of Ozan’s intent, she along with Merter and Öykü immediately start to chase Ozan down.

Öykü is very much afraid of everyone falling apart; however will she be able to stop Ozan before it is too late?

New Episode air’s Wednesday 18 July @ 20:00 on ShowTV

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