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Fazilet Hanım ve Kızları Episode 50 Preview FINALE

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Fazilet Hanım ve Kızları Episode 50 Preview FINALE

Fazilet leaves the mansion after changing everyone’s life forever!

Yağız who is left face to face with the facts of his life and everything that he knows changing; on the other side we have Hazım now completely ignores the existence of Sinan.

With the confusion that is being created with all these new truths, Selin uses this time to continue to run from the police, but the fact that she will eventually be caught is inevitable.

While Fazilet is facing her deep dark past, without realizing it as this is being witnessed by Hazan; Hazan completely falls about with what she learns.

Gökhan who is determined to find out the truth, he follows Kudret and Yasemin; which becomes a huge danger for Yasemin.

Yağız who has lost everything and who has come to the end, and while Fazilet who has not really done what a mother does for her children but is now ready to do so; Yağız who is suffering with the pain of the truth that he just learned is determined to leave everything behind and leave.

As Hazan tries with all of her might to explain herself to Yağız; what actually happens is that she is forced by her feet to walk towards her own truth.

As for Fazilet who with her determination entered the mansion, has learned her lessons, and including her own children every life that she touched has changed completely as she leaves the mansion for the last time…..

New Episode air’s Friday 9 June @ 20:00 StarTV

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