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FoxTV’s New Summer Series “4N1K İlk Aşk”

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FoxTV’s New Summer Series “4N1K İlk Aşk”

The new FoxTV summer series “4N1K İlk Aşk” has aired it’s first teaser. The series which is being produced by Fabrika Yapım/Öner Arslanel, is shot on location in Istanbul; and will star Gözde Mutluer, Atakan Hoşgören, Burak Yörük, Sina Özer, Cihan Şimşek, Cemrehan Karakaş and Eslem Akar.

The extremely colorful yet very different series is being written by screenplay writer Ferhat Ergün and is geared towards the younger viewer. The series will also be produced under the direction of Murat Onbul, and is the brainchild of Tolga Afşin Kaya, with the very capable crew of Bülent Alkış, Zeynep Özder, Emir Benderlioğlu, Beyti Engin, Aybanu Aykut, Hakan Haksun, Firuzan Aydın, Tuğçe Kıltaç and Meral Asıltürk.

The series which is adapted from the novel 4N1K written by the young author Büşra Yılmaz, and which was also previously adapted into a very successful full feature cinema film. With the novel and film both being a huge success it is anticipated that the series will follow suit.


Yaprak who since childhood has lived a life outside of a girls world, due to the fact that she is surrounded by 4 men, and therefore she has created her own colorful world. One day in this world that she has created a mysterious man Barış enters and changes all of the rules of this world. This change takes Yaprak outside of her own little world and pushes her to explore the world of the girls. Now she is forced to make a decision, she is either going to choose the fairy tale prince, or the hero with the dimples.

A story of five youngsters who between love, school their families and he magnets of evil that surround the youth of today hang on to each other, keeping their promise and their oath to one another; “ONE IS OUR GIRL, AND OUR GIRL IS FOR ALL!”

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