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Gecenin Kraliçesi is not the ruler!

28 Ocak 2016 - 10.509 views kez okunmuş
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Gecenin Kraliçesi is not the ruler!

Oya Doğan aka Dizi Doktoru and a critic with the newspaper Vatan wrote an article with her thoughts of the series “Gecenin Kraliçesi”.

“Gecenin Kraliçesi” for the Turkish Series Industry is the biggest sign of proof of suicide. This is because when they started the series it is obvious they do not know what the ending will be. We have very good performers, directors, and production team and they have set out on a journey. How can I say this? After just three episodes the screenplay writers have changed….and with the next episode we will watch an episode being written by another screenplay writer. When this is the situation we move away from the main storyline and watch the stories of the side characters. To be more correct while Kartal and Selin are living in the same house, and while there is a unanswered question of who is Osman’s father, the tension should have been revolving around Aziz and Esra, and if they would be able to figure out the situation. Yet what we watched primarily in the third episode was is Selin’s father was alive. This is proof that the series has accepted defeat; get well soon!

The main question is lack of chemistry

There are many things about “Gecenin Kraliçesi” that I truly do like. For example the scenes between Kartal and Esra are written very well, both Murat Yıldırım and Funda Eryiğit while performing those scenes are incredible. The scene where Kartal returns home and Esra says “tell me you could not go on without me”; their eyes were red, and both were emotionally distraught and they gave into each other. Both were magnificent. The feelings were healthy! But in “Gecenin Kraliçesi” the biggest question is the lack of chemistry. The chemistry that exist between Murat Yıldırım and Funda Eryiğit unfortunately does not exist between Yıldırım and Uzerli. We are face to face once again with the “Aşk ve Ceza” syndrome. Meyrem Uzerli is 6 years younger than Murat Yıldırım but she looks so much older. Of course that has to do with hari, makeup and costumes. The most likeable character of the series is Selin’s son Osman. Being as young as he is he has extreme emotion.

5.76 point difference in ratings

However this cannot continue like this! The series lost more blood this week. But it was also a huge lesson for the industry. It is obvious that when choosing a project the ending is obvious, 13 episodes are established, if the situation does not appear to serve or to suggest way in which the conflict will occur it does not work.

“Eşkiya Dünyaya Hükümdar” getting 10.40 in total on the ratings scale, and “Gecenin Kraliçesi” only getting 4.64 in total; showed us all that with a difference of 5.76 the ruler was not “Gecenin Kraliçesi”. The ruler in the ratings war was Hızır Çakırbeyli.

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