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“Gülperi” is going to shake-up the Diziworld…..

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“Gülperi” is going to shake-up the Diziworld…..

The new TIMS&B series “Gülperi” is getting ready to shake up the Diziworld.

The series “Gülperi” has started production; will air on ShowTV and star the beautiful and renowned actress Nurgül Yeşilçay who has been away from the small screen for sometime. He costar in the series will be handsome and well known actor Timuçin Esen.

With the record breaking screenplay writing team of Sema Ergenekon and Eylem Canpolat the series is assured to be a success. The series inspiration is the Yeşilçam era film “Gülsüm Ana’’ which starred the famous actress Fatma Girik; this film however is not a remake but rather a new story whose inspiration comes from the classic film.


The film which starts in the city of Antep shows Gülperi Çetin who receives news that her husband Eyüp who was on the border has died; and now she is a widowed mother of 3 young children and we will watch her struggles of survival.

Gülperi’s life will become a living hell as her father-in-law and family all blame her for the death of her husband; and when she is incarcerated she will be separated from her young children Bedriye, Hasan and Can and the longing for them becomes unbearable.

Once she is released from prison, her father-in-law forces her to move to Istanbul where she starts work as an apartment superintendent as well as working in a house of fashion as she tries to save enough money to fight with the law to regain custody and to be reunited with her children.

During this struggle her biggest supporter with be her childhood sweetheart who is now her attorney Kadir Aydın portrayed by Timuçin Esen.

We will be seeing many flashback scenes as we witness the young teenage love between Gülperi and Kadir, what happened to their love, why they separated. The series will be shot under the direction of renowned and well respected Cem Karcı and will be bringing to the screen many new faces which will one day be the new stars of future series.

The series is expected to premiere sometime October 2018 on ShowTV.

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