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Güvercin Episode 1 Preview

22 Kasım 2019 - 106 views kez okunmuş
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Güvercin Episode 1 Preview

A huge lovestory born from revenge!

The love between Zülüf and Kenan will have everyone talking!

After 15 years Bedir Kavvi is released from prison for the murder of his close friend Ahmet Cibranoğlu. His only goal is to take his daughter Zülüf, his son Müslüm and his wife and pick up on his life from where it left off.

The news of Bedir’s release from prison drops like a bomb at the mansion of Cibranoğlu’s in the Bey neighborhood. While the youngest son Ökkeş of the Cibranoğlu’s immediately starts promising revenge, the elder son Ahmet who has taken over as head of the family following the death of his Ahmet is trying to do whatever he can to stop his younger brother.

However these two families who ae enemies with each other do not know about a truth that is being hidden from them both. Kavviler’s son Müslüm and Nefise the daughter of the Cibranoğlu’s are been in love with each other since high school.

Things become even more complicated when Müslüm and Nefise runaway together because they know very well that neither family will allow them to get married. Now the two families are face to face with a huge issue.

Bedir who has no knowledge of what his son has done, does not know what to do when he hears about this.

Ökkeş with gun in hand along with a group of men immediately start to track Müslüm and Nefise and this now causes matters to become even more complicated.

On one side we have Bedir and on the other side we have Kenan trying to do whatever they can to prevent this situation from turning into a blood war……

New Episode air’s Sunday 24 November @ 20:00 on StarTV

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