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Hekimoğlu Episode 17 Preview

14 Eylül 2020 - kez okunmuş
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Hekimoğlu Episode 17 Preview

In the end Hekimoğlu agrees to treat Selin’s husband, however Selin’s husband continues to insist that he is not ill. He does not even attend the appointments made with Hekimoğlu. He is very hesitant to come face to face with Hekimoğlu, which within a very short period of time he is proven to be correct in his hesitance. Hekimoğlu plays such a game with him, that before Selin’s husband realizes what is happening he has been admitted into the hospital. His life is now in the hands of Hekimoğlu.

Meanwhile as Hekimoğlu and Selin start to see more and more of each other, they cannot help themselves with the questions that are running through their heads. These two were deeply in love at one point in the past and there is a very difficult period ahead for the both of them.

Zeynep continues to be concerned that during this period Hekimoğlu cannot think properly and that he is allowing his emotions to take over. Who knows? Maybe she is right. Could the old love between Selin and Hekimoğlu be reignited? Will Hekimoğlu be able to properly diagnose Selin’s husband? Even more important does he really want Selin’s husband to get well? How will Zeynep be effected as she sees Hekimoğlu and Selin standing next to each other?

New Episode air’s Tuesday 15 September @ 20:00 on KanalD

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