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Hekimoğlu Episode 38 Preview

22 Şubat 2021 - kez okunmuş
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Hekimoğlu Episode 38 Preview

Is Hekimoğlu’s life turning back to normal?

In order to save Ateş from going to prison, İpek was forced to lie and she is extremely angry. As his punishment, Ateş must spend the entire week working in the clinic. Regardless of how hard he tries, Ateş cannot get away from those normal illnesses. But when he notices a young lady in the clinic who has been brought in because of rape, everything changes.

Even though he tries to transfer this case to someone who is more experienced in dealing with these type of situations, this young woman does not allow or want anyone but Hekimoğlu to be involved in her case. Meanwhile at the same time Zeynep is dealing with a homeless person who is about to die due to cancer.

Then there is an elderly man who is refusing all medications trying to be given to him to ease his pain, he prefers to dies in pain than to take drugs’. Zeyenp wants this man to be more comfortable during this periods and continues to try and convince him to take the pain medications.

Will Hekimoğlu be able to help this young woman? Will Zeynep be able to convince the elderly man to suffer less as he dies? Will İpek and Orhan’s put aside their anger and forgive Hekimoğlu?

New Episode air’s Tuesday 23 February @ 20:00 on KanalD

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