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Hekimoğlu Episode 48 Preview

03 Mayıs 2021 - kez okunmuş
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Hekimoğlu Episode 48 Preview

Hekimoğlu is now all alone….

Melis and Berk who have been together for years are talking on the phone when the building that Melis is working in collapses. Melis is removed from under the rubble in critical condition, and she is brought to the Valide Atik Hospital. Hekimoğlu who has lost his entire team, really has no intention of taking on a new patient. However without even thinking much about it Melis’ condition grabs his attention. As Hekimoğlu starts a comparison between the test findings and the woman’s condition nothing seems to match, he starts to think that Melis has a secret life that not even her long term boyfriend Berk knows anything about. In the end Hekimoğlu makes the decision that “everyone tells a lie”.

İpek and Orhan are applying pressure are determined to help Hekimoğlu establish a new team. This way Hekimoğlu might have a difficult time with diagnosis and they think that this will help him form a new team. However as Melis’ condition continues to get worse, the two of them are forced to make a decision. Hekimoğlu’s shining intelligence and meticulous attention to detail the final diagnosis will be made. With the final result now those close to Melis, and Orhan and İpek are going to be quite surprised

How will Hekimoğlu diagnose the patient all on his own? What will happen to Orhan and İpek as they try to help Hekimoğlu? Once Hekimoğlu makes his diagnosis and announces this, what is it that is going to shock everyone?

New Episode air’s Tuesday 4 May @ 20:00 on KanalD

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