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Hercai Episode 38 Preview

26 Mart 2020 - kez okunmuş
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Hercai Episode 38 Preview

Miran gives up on revenge!

Everyone is very concerned after Reyyan has an accident. She is saved by a mysterious person who also leaves behind a clue, and this clue makes Miran very suspicious. After everything that has happen Reyyan comes face to face with her father once again, and even though she is having a difficult time with this truth, along with the support that she is receiving from Miran, she does come to the conclusion that she will not be able to stay away from her family.

It is not only Reyyan that has to accept reality!

Reyyan now is dreaming of the days without having to think about any plans of revenge, the days without having to deal with lies; but in order to accomplish this she asks Miran to make a decision. As for Miran who has lived a life of captivity by his grandmother, and who knows no other life, is pleased to have overcome it all and embrace the victory and the freedom that he now has. Without even hesitating he tells Azize Aslanbey that he has given up on revenge! Azize has now lost any hope that she had in order to convince Miran of joining her once again in her plans for revenge. So now she decides to take this revenge into her own hands and she immediately heads to the Şadoğlu mansion.

On one side we have Reyyan and Miran taking their first steps together in their new life that does not include any revenge; and on the other we have Azize Aslanbey who has changed her plans and in order to use her final trump card heads over to the Şadoğlu mansion and will drop such a bomb on everyone that everything that everyone has been through and the direction that everything will now head will make a complete change.

New Episode air’s Thursday 26 March @ 20:00 on ATV

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