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How did we created the style of Özgür?

05 Temmuz 2020 - kez okunmuş
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How did we created the style of Özgür?

Courtesy of ~ Dizi Doktoru ~ Oya Doğan  Presenting An interview written by Aslı Parlak stylist of the series Bay Yanlış

As the series Bay Yanlış continues to be shot, I have not forgotten the promise that I had given to you. This week I will be explaining how I created the style of the character Özgür.

The first two episodes of Bay Yanlış have aired.

As you get to know Özgür aka Bay Yanlış you will realize how much fun, huge, but at the same time someone who has much confidence in himself, as well as a person with principles, am I right?

While creating his style, all of these characteristics were taking into consideration, as well as taking a few suggestions from Can Yaman who is bringing this character to life. Working meticulously paying attention even to the tiniest of detail. Of course because of all of this, these creations and the details put into to them made them all one of a kind, and each was produced with every attention to detail.

In order to bring focus to the fun of it all, using much of the pop culture, as well at the maybe stubborn and the style of a rocker were used as well with some of the accessories and the torn sleeves. Keeping in mind this is a freedom loving and a extremely comfortable character, and this assisted us in some of the slogans used on the costumes.

Reading the screenplay, and then imagining the style of the character, creating those costumes, and making sure that they will work with the artist them-self, and making sure that they personally fit this style…..and finally being proud….this is my story.

Actually there are so many details behind the scenes, and that there is no way to know or for you to be able to predict them all. But as long as you can grab a hold of as much of the details as possible, then that series becomes even more enjoyable.

We enjoy every moment of the job that we do, and I am hopeful that you feel the same feelings as you watch.

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