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Kardeş Çocukları Episode 11 Preview

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Kardeş Çocukları Episode 11 Preview

The throwing breaking fight of motherhood starts between Ümran & Umay!

Once Hayat sees Cemal during the gala, the gala itself becomes a nightmare and then to make matters worse when drugs are found in Hayat’s blood the situation becomes a totally different test for both Ümran and Umay.

While Ümran under the shadow of Cemal is doing whatever she can to prove that Hayat does not do drugs, Umay and Hayat come face to face for the first time.

While for the first time Hayat is disappointed with her aunt, and is seeking solace with her mother, İdil’s game becomes exposed and this is devastating for Yıldırım.

During a moment of weakness Reşat falls to the feet of Cansel, and is continuing in making risking decisions in order to punish Umay.

As the cold war begins between Reşat and Umay, the battle between Umay and Ümran continues to heat up.

Umay starts to become jealous when Hayat is ignoring her and is hugging and seeking solace with her mother.

Meanwhile as İdil continues to slap Hayal in the face with with the facts of what took place between Volkan and Hayat, and on the other side is Rezzan who is extremely uncomfortable with Yıldırım who has been paying attention to Ümran as this closeness bring her face to faec with the big secret of the past.

As the throwing, breaking fight of motherhood start between Ümran and Umay; the totally unexpected step taken by Yıldırım brings to and end “The legend of Umay Karay”.

New Episode air’s Sunday 14 April @ 20:00 on StarTV

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