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Kuruluş Osman Episode 11 Preview

18 Şubat 2020 - kez okunmuş
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Kuruluş Osman Episode 11 Preview

Osman Bey’s attempt to destroy the Mongol’s!

The Mongol’s have taken over Söğüt, Kayı and all of the other Turkish camps in the area, using their swords, destroying the homes, and have taken all of the men and the citizens hostage. It seems that the occupation of the Mongol’s have just about succeeded in elimination of the Turks, only Osman Bey stands before Balgay’s total victory!

As all of the camps/forts set up in the three major areas by the Turk’s are being eliminated, there are others as well who want to prevent the establishment of a Turkish country including the Bitinya region is specifically being eyed by Constantine, the Mongolian Commander Balgay offers Osman Bay the high level of “sancaybey”. Osman of course rejects this offer and clearly states “Ya şehadet ya hürriyet” (“Martyrdom or Freedom”) with his demand for destruction.

Balgay is using Alişar as a ploy, so now that he is done with him he turns to Sofia as she is the obedient one. With all of his might he attacks the Kayı camp, where he takes Dündar, Gündüz and all of Osman’s loyal men as hostages performing unimaginable acts of terror in order to destroy the will of the Turks and their independence.

The only hope for the Turks is Osman Bey, but will he be able to say stop to Balgay? Osman who is now all alone will form what kind of strategy and what path will he now take? What kind of encouragement will Şeyh Ebebalı give to Osman to save the Turks from total destruction? Balgay who is determined to get rid of Osman will play what type of new games?

New Episode air’s Wednesday 19 February @ 20:00 on ATV

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