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Kuzey Yıldızı-İlk Aşk coming to ShowTV in September

23 Ağustos 2019 - kez okunmuş
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Kuzey Yıldızı-İlk Aşk coming to ShowTV in September

The new series Kuzey Yıldızı-İlk Aşk produced by Süreç Film, under the direction of Ersoy Güler and starring Aslıhan Güner and İsmail Demirci wtih a very strong supporting cast that includes Toygan Avanoğlu, Cezmi Baskın, Zeynep Kankonde, Hüseyin Soysalan, Uğur Demirpehlivan and many others released it’s first introductory trailer today.

Kuzey Yıldızı İlk Aşk 1.Tanıtım Fragmanı 


A romantic comedy where the young couple guide their love for each other by using the position of the north star, as “that is the only star that regardless of where you are on the earth with rotates will always be in the north”.

The story will be full of excitement, comedy and will take place in beautiful natural region of Karadeniz. First scene as seen in the trailer is when Kuzey (İsmail Demirci) and Yıldız (Aslıhan Güner) come face to face on the beautiful bridge, thus the adventure and excitement now begins.

The series is preparing to premiere in September 2019 on ShowTV

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