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Kuzey Yıldızı-İlk Aşk Episode 5 Preview

10 Ekim 2019 - kez okunmuş
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Kuzey Yıldızı-İlk Aşk Episode 5 Preview

When Yıldız made the decision to leave everything behind her and leave, she is face to face with something she never expected. Kuzey is standing right in front of Yıldız saying “don’t go”. Yıldız is about to hear the words from Kuzey that she has been waiting her entire life to hear. Is Kuzey finally going to tell Yıldız what she has been waiting to hear, or is this love going to collapse once again?

Kuzey’s feeling of guilt towards Yıldız does not last long, because he has a much bigger problem to deal with. Her debtor Sadullah, in order to force Kuzey to pay-up this time is trying a different route. Kuzey this time is really being squeezed.

For the first time Yıldız and Kuzey try to be friends and not enemies. Kuzey’s problems are on his back, and as they continue to apply pressure the relationship with Yıldız not only goes from animosity to friends but maybe even a bit further. Each event that they are forced to deal with continues to bring them closer to each other.

When Yildiz decides that the time has come for her to take the wheel and become the captain of this ship, after all of these years these two spend a night totally alone together.

As the storm now calms, and everything is smooth, these two have a very unexpected, unwanted and very bad surprise waiting for them. Kuzey and Yıldız are now face to face with a totally unexpected but huge danger.

New Episode air’s Saturday 12 October @ 20:00 on ShowTV

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