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Kuzgun Episode 11 Preview

22 Nisan 2019 - 686 views kez okunmuş
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Kuzgun Episode 11 Preview

Kuzgun and Dila are facing the shocking truths!

Dila is very much afraid and worried that Behram could actually murder Kuzgun. When Kuzgun suddenly appears before her a totally unexpected closeness develops between them Dila’s love for the first time is going to break the seal on Kuzgun’s lips.

Meanwhile with pressure Dila is receiving from Kudret to find out Behram’s true identity, she must first break down the obstacle of the high wall between her and Kuzgun.

Kuzgun is determined to punish Bora, so he sends him a message. Ali confronts Bora, and a huge showdown takes place.

Meanwhile the fact that Derviş is Behram leaves Kuzgun face to face and all alone to deal with the question of his life.

Kuzgun first decides to start investigating the death of his father, so first his knocks on Meryem’s door. For the first time in over 20 years Kuzgun is taking the first steps into the home of his father from where he was forcefully removed. Dila who learns that Kuzgun is investigating the death of their father offers to help Kuzgun as well. Kuzgun finds a clue regarding his father’s death, and makes his move.

Meanwhile Bora who runs into Kumru at the newspaper starting spewing utter nonsense regarding her father Yusuf’s death and by doing this he has planed a seed of suspicion as well.

Rıfat in no way approves of Dila’s marriage to Kuzgun, and the depressed type mood that he is in, becomes a trump card for Şermin as well as making her very powerful.

Kuzgun who is suspicious that the warden of the prison where his father was being held is in some way associated with the death of this father, and Kuzgun learns that this man is going to be attending a wedding. Dila has absolutely no intention of allowing Kuzgun to attend this wedding alone.

At this wedding both Dila and Kuzgun are going to live through the biggest shock of their lives. Kuzgun is going to find a huge clue regarding the death of his father. Following this clue and what is discovered afterwards is a shocking truth that is going to leave both Dila and Kuzgun shocked by the truth that they must both now face.

New Episode air’s Tuesday 23 April @ 20:00 on StarTV

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