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Kuzgun Episode 14 Preview

13 Mayıs 2019 - 515 views kez okunmuş
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Kuzgun Episode 14 Preview

Kuzgun throws Dila into a circle of fire!

Once Kuzgun learns that Dila is working with the police he chooses a new path from which there will be no return. Derviş says that he is the one that will punish Dila. However Kuzgun’s plans are totally different. He is going to drag Dila to the bottom of the pit of darkness. While at the same time he is making the necessary moves to force Bilginler Holding into bankruptcy.

Dila who has no idea that Kuzgun has learned the truth is living her life full of love. In spite of her father and in order to take the first step into a new life with Kuzgun, she makes her intentions clearly known. She wants to continue on with her life with the man she loves, with Kuzgun.

Each time that Kuzgun gets together with Dila, he is stuck in the middle of suffering with the pain of betrayal, and his love.

Ali learns that the attorneys have found a way of Rıfat being held out on bond.

While Dila is dreaming about her new life with Kuzgun; Kuzgun has asked Derviş to give Dila a new mission. This new mission is going to become the turning point in Dila’s life.

The day of the trial arrives, and with the games that Ali has put into motion, Rıfat is released on bail. However Kuzgun has absolutely no intention of allowing Rıfat to roam freely. The moment that Rıfat is released from prison, Kuzgun’s attacks against Bilginler Holding starts from all four sides.

Kuzgun’s first plan of attack is towards Ali, then it will be Rıfat. While at the same time Derviş makes his move against Dila and the family who have back to back done wrong by him, and they must pay the price for their betrayal.

On one side Kuzgun, on the other side Derviş, there is a trap set for Dila that is going to end with a huge tradgedy.

New Episode air’s Wednesday 15 May @ 20:00 on StarTV

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