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Maraşlı Episode 22 Preview

11 Haziran 2021 - kez okunmuş
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Maraşlı Episode 22 Preview

Nevzat has placed his own photograph in the file he turned over to the Prosecutor as being Mehmet İnce. Prosecutor Tolga immediately starts to question Nevzat but cannot get the information that he wants out of him. The Prosecutor now is even more obsessed with the file of Mehmet İnce. Why is Mehmet İnce so important? Why is everyone after Mehmet İnce?

Hurdacı and Savaş learn that the Mehmet İnce file is in the hands of the Prosecutor. They immediately start to plan on how they will get that file from the Prosecutor. Hurdacı has a very dangerous plan in store for Tolga. Will the plan that Savaş and Hurdacı came up with actually work?

Maraşlı is forced to bring Mahur and Zeliş together. He first has a conversation with Zeliş. He tries to explain to Zeliş in a manner in which she will understand as to why he must speak with the Maraşlı accent. Mahur, Maraşlı and Zeliş meet for dinner. Maraşlı tries as much as he can to speak only when necessary and minimally at best, and he is extremely tense. Will Zeliş explain to Mahur that her father is actually Mehmet İnce?

Hurdacı and Savaş capture Nevzat. Savaş immediately wants to murder and eliminate Nevzat, but Hurdacı stops him and does not allow him to murder Nevzat. He takes Nevzat to a warehouse. Maraşlı learns where Nevzat is being held and he too immediately heads to the warehouse. Will Maraşlı and Hurdacı come face to face?

New Episode air’s Monday 14 June @ 20:00 on ATV

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