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“Meleklerin Aşkı” preparing to Premiere on ShowTV

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“Meleklerin Aşkı” preparing to Premiere on ShowTV

The new series “Meleklerin Aşkı” promises to make the viewers laugh as well as make you emotional too!

The first preview of the new ShowTV series “Meleklerin Aşkı” has been aired. The series which will be produced by Süreç Film with screenplay writer Ersoy Güler and will star Oya Başar, Gülper Özdemir, Berkay Hardal, Didem Balçın, Toygan Avanoğlu, Serkan Kuru, Alihan Aracı, Rümeysa Arslan, Özlem Mahmutoğlu, Ebrar Alya Demirbilek, Deniz Kaynak, Arda Adil Görgen as well as many others.


A story that is truly a family story yet a romantic comedy that is full of love. On a rainy day Yağmur (Berkay Hardal) is left on the doorstep and who years later meets Melek (Gülper Özdemir) and it is love at first sight. Rukiye (Oya Başar) who watches every move made between Yağmur and Melek, including a scene where he saves her from a huge dangerous situation. We will also see signals of a very stormy relationship as well as a very enjoyable and fun relationship. There will be many intricacies that swirl around these two young lovers, where the viewers will be wondering whether these two will ever get together.

While Rukiye (Oya Başar) who has been settled into a retirement home by her older daughter and son in law, and her plans to marry off Yağmur (Berkay Hardal) whom she loves as if he were her own son, with Melek (Gülper Özdemir) will have everyone laughing with her plans to make this marriage happen. But as luck or better yet fate would have it, she does not have to work to hard as Yağmur falls in love with Melek who arrives at the retirement home like an angel on first sight.

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