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Melike İpek Yalova speaks with VATAN Newspaper English Translation

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Melike İpek Yalova speaks with VATAN Newspaper English Translation

Being an Actress does not revolve around Beauty

We sat down with the actress Melike İpek Yalova from the series “Karadayı” who is the one suffering the pain of love the most is actress. The daughter of the former Member of Parliament Yüksel Yalova, who while all the time growing up wanted to be a good Politian just like her father.

?~The series is now in its second season…how do you complete your character?

MY~Somehow I must find a way to establish empathy with the character so that I can understand her better. A character that many of the viewers are very angry with, but a character who is very much in love with a man. The worse thing that can every happen to a person is being sexually assaulted; she was raped and is going through a very traumatic time. But she is determined to overcome this.

?~Do you also make fun of the difference in height between yourself and Kenan İmirzalioğlu?

MY~We used to say that “With Kenan having to bend his neck he is going to become disabled”. The Turkish public love Kenan, and whomever is besides him grabs a lot of attention. Just like they admired Kadir Inanır, they have done the same with Kenan. Standing next to him is very stressful. They also do not want to use a platform so that it is more natural.

?~If the 15 year old Melike saw you today what would she say, as you used to always talk about politics?

MY~I always dreamed about having a career that I loved. I do my job loving very much. Before I used to be more involved with politics and I was very inpatient. As I got older I realized politics was not something that was very easy. You must be able to firmly stand your ground, and be more cold blooded when in politics. I realized that politics requires the ability to slowly absorb everything. For example I have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to football, and as a woman I watch it very much. But if you put me on the field I cannot play. Back then being able to do things seemed so much easier. Now I realize that nothing is as easy as it looks.

During the movie Rocky when they were boxing I always cried

We never lived a life based on time schedule. But we are a very close knit family. Since I moved to Istanbul the home I am living in is much smaller. I love to watch DVD's at home and I have a huge collection. Kramer vs. Kramer and Rocky movies are very special. While watching the movie Rocky during the boxing scenes I would cry. I did not require that there be much artifice in the movies that I watched.

“You have to be able to hide behind your pain”

?~When it comes to love are you a realist?

MY~Yes, I am a very open person. You have to be able to spread your branches wide. You cannot blow anger and pain out of proportion. You have to be able to think how can I overcome this. You have to be able to hide behind you pain. There is no reason to over dramatize.

?~Is it hard to get to know you?

MY~Sometimes they say I am a snob, or too impulsive, but this is because I excite easily which causes me to stress. Woman or Male it does not make a difference, when I enter a new environment I try not to seem impulsive. When the person standing in front of me is patient then they see me as comfortable as well.

?~Are you tired of being told that you look like Türkan

MY~I do not feel uncomfortable, but I myself plus others do not think that I look like Türkan Şoray. Türkan Şoray is much more than a pair of beautiful eyes. When I look at myself I do not see a resemblance.

“While growing up I never saw my father”

?~With your appearance in “Muhteşem Yüzyıl” were you able to see that you would be attracting attention?

MY~Appearing there as far as my career was concerned I did see it as a first step. Appearing in a series of such magnitude was something that I had enough wit to imagine. But had someone else portray that character the same would have happened for them as well.

?~What is the biggest luxury of having a father involved in politics?

MY~You are of course filled with pride. As I was growing up I never saw my father. It was my mother and me, my father was not around. Actually if I saw him everyday this would have meant that he was not doing his job properly. We were not his only responsibility he was responsible also to the public at large. Other than that we did not live anything special.

?~In social media there is talk “you are only on the screen because of your beauty”

MY~Before starting this career, I never wrote anything negative regarding those who performances I did not like. Time will tell who is right and who is wrong. An offer is not presented to someone who cannot be successful at it. I am working very hard, and for this reason I am very comfortable. But we should not forget that everyone is better than everyone else. This career does not revolve around beauty. There are so many beautiful women, for them to be approached is the value that you give. Anyway only Hülya Avşar is a beautiful woman.

This is an English translation of an interview with appeared in the newspaper ZAMAN on Sunday 17 November 2013…..the link is attached for reference…..

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