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Nefes Nefese Episode 2 Preview

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Nefes Nefese Episode 2 Preview

What is the bad surprise that awaits Yusuf at home?

Rüya who has left Berlin heading for Syria in order to find her mother, finds herself in the middle of a gun battle in Antakya. As the gun-battle continues and worsens Yusuf Alacan takes Rüya hostage. Yusuf was only there that day, because his father was also kidnapped, and his intention was to trade Rüya for his father before they others reached the border. He thinks that Rüya is one of them!

He brings Rüya to his home and locks her up, while trying to negotiate a swap.

In Rüya’s handbag is the phone that was given to her by Nigar, and inside that phone is an ottoman era emerald which was planted by the international smuggler with the nickname Atmaca; who is really Ayaz Kıran.

When Atmaca learns that the emerald is missing he immediately heads to Anrakya. He starts to search for the girl who has the telephone. However he has absolutely no idea that the girl that he is searching for is actually his daughter!

Yusuf is after his father, Rüya is trying to find away to get away from Yusuf who is holding her captive, Atmaca is after the emerald.

In the end Yusuf is able to make a connection with those who are holding his father captive; and he makes a deal:

He is going to trade Rüya in return for his father!

However when he arrives home there is a really bad surprise that awaits him.

New Episode air’s Wednesday 8 August @ 20:00 on StarTV

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