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Preparing to Premiere soon is “Can Kırıkları”

13 Ağustos 2018 - kez okunmuş
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Preparing to Premiere soon is “Can Kırıkları”

Another one of the new series preparing to premiere on the channel ATV is “Can Kırıkları”. Production of the series started last week and it is anticipated that the series will air on Monday nights.

The series produced by NTC Medya with producer Mehmet Yiğit Alp will be shot under the direction of Serkan Birinci and is being written by screenplay writers Sema Ali Erol and Mahir Ali Erol. The leading performers of the series are Can Kırıkları dizisinin başrollerini Hande Doğandemir (Leyla), Funda Eryiğit (Zeynep), Seçkin Özdemir (Aslan), Özgür Çevik (Kerem), Alican Yücesoy (Cihan Karatay), Kemal Uçar (Zeko), Hazar Motan, Ali İpin and Demir Karahan.


The story is that of the difficulties of two female police officers and the effects of their profession on their personal lives. The story will have much emotion but is also an action filled drama series.

Leyla (Hande Doğandemir) the daring yet happy go lucky one and Zeynep (Funda Eryiğit) is the total opposite one and both are female police officers. Two women who met as young children at the orphanage and become friends as children. This friendship continues through their youth and into adulthood. Both women decide that their professional career choice is to become a police officer. They both live in Istanbul, and start working together in the same department. The series will start with Leyla in her wedding gown, at a huge villa where a murder is committed and where the story will take off from this point……

The series is expected to premiere during the month of October 2018 on ATV.

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