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Şampiyon Episode 1 Preview

11 Eylül 2019 - 193 views kez okunmuş
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Şampiyon Episode 1 Preview

The city of Artvin is holding one of the largest and most important boxing match. One of the contestants is Fırat Bölükbaşı aka Kafkas, the other contestant is the beloved Turkish boxing champion Necdet Suphi Özer. Fırat excitedly sits in his locker room waiting anxiously for the upcoming match. His wife Eylül is pregnant, and they are anxiously counting down the days for the birth which the doctor has warned them could be very dangerous.

On the night of the match, Fırat is going to fight the fight of his dreams and he is going to be crowned champion but in return he is going to pay a heavy price. He loses his wife soon after the birth. Before her death Eylül wanted him to quit boxing, she did not want her son to live in the same fear she was forced to live while he was in the rink, and this was her dying wish.

A man, who had just won the biggest match of his life and who was awarded the championship belt is now only going to be a father. He was going to dedicate the rest of his life to his son, who like his mother Eylül was diagnosed with the disease FMF (Familial Mediterranean Fever). However his son Güneş’ disease progresses much more rapidly over the years.

Suddenly father and son find themselves in Istanbul for treatment; suddenly without any preparation, and with no financial means. As soon as they arrive the disease and well as life being in a totally strange city drags them through one adventure after another.

Fortunately Fırat is just as dexterous as a father as he is as a boxer in the rink. He goes door to door in Istanbul, knocking on every hospital door as well, without knowing a single soul, he turns this into a adventurous fairy tale in the eyes of his son.

But the painful experiences that they are forced to live in Istanbul, cracks open another door for this father and son. They meet Doctor Suna, and Suna takes over total control and financial responsibility of Güneş’s medical treatment.

But then there is life, the competitors that Fırat is forced to face in the rink, hit harder, and the miracle just like life itself is very short lived and does not last too long.

New Episode air’s Thursday 12 September @ 20:00 on TRT1

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