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Şampiyon Episode 10 Preview

22 Kasım 2019 - kez okunmuş
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Şampiyon Episode 10 Preview

All control changes hands when Fırat wins the match. Derviş Aladağlı has every intention of demanding an explanation. Yaman and Zafer go to the boxing ring hall where the match was held. However they will not speak with Fırat. Yaman who can sense that some very bad things are about to happen immediately asks Commission Ziya for his help.

Zafer starts to think that his father is doing some things ini secret, so he decided to follow him. He is constantly on the phone whispering and having a conversation with someone names Zeliha.

When Fırat wins the match, the big heavy bidders have lost a huge sum of money and they are not happy. The demand that Derviş turn Fırat over to them.

Tansel wants to learn where Suna learned the truth regarding her brother, so he forces Kerem to come to his office. Kerem explains that Akif has the whole thing on video tape and that Suna, Fırat and Zafer have also seen the video.

Güneş is heartbroken and hurt that his father hid the fact that he was entering the ring for a match. He stays with his Suna Abla. During this visit this twosome become even closer.

The anger that Tansel feels towards Kerem will not subside, and he has now found his weak link. He has his men kidnap Nesli.

Suna invites Fırat to her home. Her reasons for doing this is to explain to her family that he has nothing to do with the death of her brother, and that it is Tansel who is the guilty party in this. However they are unaware of the shocking turn of events that is awaiting them.

New Episode air’s Sunday 24 November @ 20:00 on TRT1

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