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Şampiyon Episode 21 Preview

13 Şubat 2020 - kez okunmuş
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Şampiyon Episode 21 Preview

Suna tells Fırat under whatever condition he wants to call it, he must stop boxing. His medical condition is extremely serious and from this point forward boxing is going to be doing more harm than good. Fırat immediately rejects this notion, and states that he is not going to stop and in addition he is also not going to postpone the Steiger match either. Suna plans on speaking wtih both Zafer and Yaman in hopes that they will talk to Fırat and get him to cancel the match. However they too are not going to be able to convince Fırat to cancel the match.

As for Kerem, the fact that he has been put on hold makes him angry. While at the hospital he overhears the conversation between Nesli and Zafer, and with what he heard his anger towards Fırat continues to escalate to the point where he actually confronts him.

Elif and Tansel’s biggest issue is the same, the opening of Derviş’ safe. Finally the safe is opened, and what is inside actually lifts the curtain of secretacy just a tiny bit. Tansel who was the one who convinced Elif to have the safe opened is extremely joyous. This is of course due to on one hand Kafkas’ illness, and on the other hand the continuing to grow angry and attitude of Kerem.

Finally in the end Suna decides to use her last trump card in getting Fırat to cancel the match, and even though this may mean losing him forever, she uses her powerful hand.

This action by Suna is an extremely power one. However Fırat is deteremined to have Selvi and Zafer be able to afford to marry, be able to establish a solid financial future for his son, pay the expenses for Şahin to be able to have his surgery. But in order to do all of this he must enter the ring for the Steiger match.

New Episode air’s Sunday 16 February @ 20:00 on TRT1

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