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Şampiyon Episode 27 Preview

24 Haziran 2020 - kez okunmuş
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Şampiyon Episode 27 Preview

Just as Duman is about to pull the trigger, the struggle that breaks out ends with both Elif and Duman getting wounded. Once Fırat hears the sound of gunfire he very cautiously but firmly walks into the gym. When Duman notices Fırat, he leaves Elif behind and immediately exits the gym.

Meanwhile as all of this is happening, Zafer with engagement ring in hand, is standing at Selvi’s door trying to convince her to put the ring back on. But no matter how hard he tries, Selvi will not budge…. Selvi is firm on her decision, there is not turning back from this breakup. Zafer who has always been able to convince the woman that he loves, this time is unsuccessful, and comes back home empty handed, distraught and devastated.

Fırat has asked Suna for her help with Elif, Elif has lost a lot of blood and for her to be treated he brings her to the “Yaman home“. This is at the same time that Zafer comes home, and he finds Suna and Fırat trying to treat a severely wounded Elif, and he gets into an argument with Fırat. This argument becomes heated enough that the two men actually start to brawl with each other. Following this argument/brawl Zafer demands that Fırat moves out of the house. He has now not only cut all ties with Selvi, he has also cut ties with Fırat as well.

Meanwhile Tansel learns that Elif was alive, and he goes mad in anger. He demands from Duman that he complete the job that he messed up.

New Episode air’s Thursday 25 June @ 20:00 on TRT1

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