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Şampiyon Episode 30 Preview

15 Temmuz 2020 - kez okunmuş
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Şampiyon Episode 30 Preview

Fırat and his opponent Benjamin Doukha hold a televised press conference in a studio where the two of them get into a fierce fight, and Güneş witnesses this as he is watching his father. As Nesli and Kerem try to distance him from the television, Suna is busy messaging with Zafer telling him that there is something very important that she must tell him regarding Güneş.

One night earlier Tansel wanted to shoot Duman, but on that night it was not Duman who got shot it was Tansel. Duman moved much faster than Tansel making the right move to take control of the gun in Tansel’s hand and when Tansel pulled the trigger he ended up shooting his own leg. Tansel has every intention of making Duman pay for this. He wants Duman caught alive, so he puts a hit man on his trail. However Duman has bigger plans of his own. Duman immediately goes to the police station and explains everything that he knows about Tansel to the police.

While in France things are not going along as easily as Fırat, Zafer and Kado thought. In the agreement the arena which they are given to train in, is in the worse part of town and is literally falling apart. However for Fırat this arena reminds him of the arena in Artvin where back in the day is the arena where her first met Yaman. So this move made by the French actually makes Fırat is stronger. While Doukha is benefiting from all of the modern technology being offered to him, Fırat is preparing with all of the old methods.

Meanwhile Zafer has learned about Güneş’ condition, and he decides not to tell Fırat anything allowing him to totally concentrate on winning this match. By winning the match he will have also won the necessary funds needed for the surgery that Güneş needs for the organ transplant. Zafer is forced to continue to pretend nothing is wrong because he knows that if Fırat finds out, he will forfeit the match and be on the next plane back to Turkey.

The big day of the match has arrived. When Fırat enters the ring the competition before him is much stronger, much more aggressive and much more professional….. Fırat starts this match with much more determination that any previous match. Zafer’s advice to him that he is to start the match more on the attack than on the defensive, but his opponent Doukha, does not allow him to even bat an eye never mind a chance to attack.

New Episode air’s Thursday 16 July @ 20:00 on TRT1

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