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Şampiyon Episode 32 Preview

30 Temmuz 2020 - kez okunmuş
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Şampiyon Episode 32 Preview

After barely surviving the attack by Tansel, as Fırat is wheeled into the operating room bleeding heavily the only thing on his mind is his son. He only wants to survive so that he can be life for his son Güneş. Disregarding any and all danger he begs both Zafer and Suna even though this may kill him, they must perform the liver transplant that his son needs in order to survive. The final decision of this now remains with Suna. On one side she has to think about Fırat and his life, on the other she has to think about the future for Güneş. In spite of the fact that this is probably the most difficult decision that she must make, she decides that she must abide by his decision and she gives the ok for the risky surgery to take place.

The news that Fırat was wounded and that he had to withdraw from the match reaches the WBC Champion McVardy. McVardy to confirm that this is the truth and not just a rumor has his manager contact both Zafer and Kerem. Just at the same time the good news regarding Fırat arrives. Kerem notifies McVardy that the match with McVardy has not been cancelled. They will move forward with the match per the terms of the agreement. However Fırat has a difficult time recovering after the surgery. He has lost his confidence as well as the desire to train properly.

As soon as Tansel receives the news that Fırat has survived, he decides that the time has come for him to play his last trump card, he is going to hit both Fırat and Suna right in the heart with his final plan. He is determined that the pain and suffering that they have caused him they too must suffer deep in their hearts as well. First he will murder Güneş, and then he will murder Kerem. For the first time he takes the gun into his own hands and he is now determined to get his revenge totally on his own, so he sneaks slowly toward Güneş and Kerem.

Fırat and Suna are totally unaware of the situation. In order to insure that Tansel stays away from them, Suna has made the decision to move to Germany and live with her parents. But it is already too late. The moment that Fırat announces that he must withdraw from the match, Tansel has already pointed the gun at Güneş.

New Episode air’s Thursday 20 July @ 20:00 on TRT1

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