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Şampiyon Episode 33 Preview

04 Ağustos 2020 - kez okunmuş
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Şampiyon Episode 33 Preview

Fortunately the gun that Tansel has pointed at Güneş does not shoot. Tansel tries over and over again before realizing the gun is not loaded. Just at the same time he is now face to face with the worse surprise of his life. This surprise is going to cost him his life.

The match between Fırat and McVardy has been cancelled. The news regarding the cancellation and it’s effects spread throughout the entire world. Making James McVardy even more angry is the news that those in the industry like the great Mike Tyson was favoring Kafkas in this match.

Meanwhile the news regarding Tansel first reaches Zafer and Selvi and eventually reaches Fırat as well. Zafer now has every intention of starting a new life with a clean slate, and the first order of business in this new life is marriage. However he is totally unaware that Nesli and Kerem have also decided to take their relationship to the next level by deciding that they are going to get married as well. Both couples start the necessary procedures in marriage preparations, but they end up coming face to face at one specific point.

Also with all of this going on and as Zafer is running around with marriage preparations, on the other hand he is working on trying to lift the spirits of Fırat who has given up all trust in his own capabilities. But in reality there is one huge secret that Fırat is hiding from Zafer. A secret that is going to remove him from the world of boxing permanently! He hides this secret until the day of the wedding. He has no intentions of putting himself in the forefront of such an important time in everyone’s life. Especially since everyone is so happy. While at the same time Fırat has one more thing on his mind, the emptiness that he feels with the absence of Suna…. he has not gotten any news from her at all. Until the day of the wedding…..

On the wedding day for Zafer-Zelvi and Kerem-Nesli news arrives from Suna. At the same time as news from McVardy….now there is not a boxing match for Kafkas but a match between life and death. Fırat is forced to make a decision. Either his pride, his country, and the promise that he gave to his son and to the coach whom he considered to be his father therefore putting his life on the life, or even if it means that he loses all respect and pride but he is by his son watching him grow and protect him by staying alive. As Zafer, Nesli, Kerem and Selvi all sit at the table for their vows, a few hours later Fırat is going to notify all of them his decision regarding his career and the decision regarding his own life.

New Episode air’s Thursday 6 August @ 20:00 on TRT

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